Long Easter Weekend

I always stay off the trails on long weekends.  On this Easter long weekend the trails are wet, muddy, icy in the shade and packed with people.  So, what is a guy to do?  Well first thing that comes to mind is to find a suitably scenic location next to a busy highway and take some pictures of course.

Cars and trucks can go by all day and never be heard in a photograph.  Some of the most picturesque views are located next to a highway, so do not overlook them.  In my younger days I would thumb my noise at the idea of shooting from the road but as I get older the appeal of a short walk is becoming almost irresistible.

So that is what I did.  The weather alternated between rainy, cloudy, sunny and the wind was too high for my liking.  I always shoot three frames so I can create a HDR if I want to but with a strong wind the movement of the branches create too many ghost images for HDR to look good.

Anyway, the home page shows some of the images I took.  Never moved more than 200 yards.  When you have a small space to work with you can take more time and look at the landscape.  Take some shots from places and angles you might not otherwise have considered.  Who knows sometimes a winner will result.

Another option is to play with the image.  Unless you are doing a documentary and the image must be as close as possible to reality, do what you want.  Make it black and white or blow out the colours.  Play with the cropping to create a completely different look.  The image above is a three frame panorama.  Again, see the home page images for examples of what I tried.

Have fun, the point is to enjoy yourself and the day.



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