Lowepro Flipside Trec BP350AW review update

What an afternoon.  When I went out to shoot a few pictures on a trail I use occasionally, I never thought that I would be evaluating the waterproofness of my new Lowepro Flipside Trec BP350AW camera bag.  In an earlier post, I showed you my new bag.  I liked it a lot but it was early days.  Now I can tell you how it preforms in the rain.  By rain I mean I walked in light to heavy rain for over an hour.  


Top of bag. Part of bag against your back.

  • The rain cover goes on in seconds and fits very snug.  Too snug for my tripod to be strapped to the bag, I  had to carry it.  No big deal.
  • Everything in the accessory pockets, back of the pack stayed perfectly dry.
  • VERY BAD.  Camera compartment was wet.  I know a little rain entered as I was replacing my camera inside the bag before transit but the degree of wetness in the compartment could not be accounted for by that.

Closeup of zipper

My theory

Hiking in the rain with the bag on my back the water ran over my rain jacket, down between my shoulders and inside of the bag.  This exposed the camera compartment zipper to a constant stream of water.  The zipper is not waterproof, in addition it has no covering flap to divert water.  Worse it is facing up so any water running down the bag will flow directly onto it.

I tested my theory with a small stream of water from a garden hose on the pack and within a very short time the inside of the camera compartment was saturated.  

The bags specifications state it has an all-weather cover and gives the impression that if used, your equipment will be reasonably protected.  This is not the case; the rain cover is useless for it does not protect the most important area in the bag, the camera compartment and by extension your gear.

I’m so disappointed. I enjoy using this bag for day trips, it is the perfect size. However, I cannot risk my gear being damaged if I’m caught in the rain.  If you never intend to get caught in the rain, I would still recommend this bag, otherwise look for a different bag.  I am.



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