Lowepro Flipside Trec BP350AW Review

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My first review.  I have read and watched so many reviews of so many things and many of them leave me wanting more.  The “more” is how the item is used, not just what it looks like or how many pockets it has.  Here I will try to show you how I use the pack and what I like and dislike.  Hopefully the review will give you a better idea of the packs potential and its limitations.

Its new, Christmas Present (to myself) and instead of keeping you in suspense I will tell you up front that I give this pack a big YES, Four Paw prints. Note; If for some reason during the process of using this pack I find some problem or additional information of interest I will update this page.

It is billed as, and is, a day pack so anyone needing more than that should look elsewhere.  It is however bigger than it looks and can carry items on the outside if you need to.  I purchased this pack because I wanted something smaller.  I have a habit of carrying a bunch of lenses and other gear that are rarely used and though I’m getting older I hate to leave the house without the pack filled.  A day pack forces me to think about my DAY trip and pick what I need, vs what I want.  Hence the love of all the straps on the outside, my way of cheating a little.

I do find myself conflicted about buying a new pack for my camera gear.  Though I did generate a perfectly good and reasonable reason for getting a new pack, (all you older people feel free to use this excuse if you need it)  camera bags and backpacks to photographers are like purses to those who like purses.  You just cannot have too many and you need that new one that just came out.  

I hope you enjoy the review.




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