My First Blog

My first blog on this site.  Anyone out there, probably not, and that is most likely for the better.  Unlike the hiking blog I have no specific subject matter for this one.  Maybe it should be renamed the rant of the wandering mind.

By the way, have you set up a web or blog site yourself?  Everyone says it is easy, just get a “theme” and it almost runs itself.  Well that is true, sort of, like telling someone to get a car, put it in drive and it will go itself.  Sooner or later knowing how to drive becomes necessary.

What I should have thought about first is, “WHY are there hundreds of YouTube videos showing how to do something that the seller says can be done in a few minutes”? Just askin.

By the way, thank you YouTube.  Without you, life would be so much harder.  Is there a universal conspiracy that requires the help function in an application, any application, to be absolutely useless?  Sometimes I think they installed the help section from another program.  After you have tried the Help button (No one can resist even knowing better) and gotten nowhere, you do what you should have done in the first place.  Jump over to YouTube or Google and BAM one mangled question in the search bar and dozens of answers appear.  Some of them are even correct. I bet you can find an answer by the same person who wrote the useless HELP program to start with.

Idea Time; Programmers, when a user clicks on the “Help” tab or button it

should automatically go to the Google internet search bar.

You may find it hard to believe but I’m still changing and working on the site.  Yes, it is live.  I just figured out how to do that “under construction thing”.  Then I thought, why bother, someone may be entertained seeing the site turned inside out when I hit the wrong button.


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