New photo editing computer “in progress”

I’m building my own photo editing computer.  Much easier than you think.  Hardest part is picking the components (other than finding the money).  It does help that I’m a little bit of a hardware geek and love to research things to death before I leap in.  I have spent hours researching every item that will go into the new photo editing computer.  What is good, what is not.  What to do and what not to do.  Becoming a semi expert in something I’m only going to do once in 4-5 years.  Loving every minute too.

My (on sale) computer case. Picture courtesy of manufacturer

Alternatively; you could be like my son who has finished building his gaming unit in record time. With no time or inclination to do a lot of research, he found a web site showing what others did when building their own machines. He just picked one he liked and ordered the parts.  Simple, practical and very speedy.  Two thumbs up, but I could never do it that way, too easy.

Putting the parts together has to be the easiest step.  You simply pick up a part off your work area and plug it into the place it looks like it would fit.  Again, my “smart son” son simply opened a how to video on YouTube and followed along as he assembled his computer.  When I asked him “why the part goes there”, his answer was “the guy on the video said to put it there”.  Cannot fault simple logic and he had no problems during the entire process.  He is happily playing games and no doubt thinks my method is way to complicated and a waste of time.

More updates later as I get further along.  I have a case and power supply and intend to buy the parts as they come on sale and I can afford them (or they come on sale).  Sort of like buying the frame for a new car waiting until next week to order the seats, then a week for the wheels then a week later….



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