Trail Walk for your Hike

Out of focus flowers

Well I have not hiked lately.  Sucks to be me.  But between wet, hot, too many mosquitos and no ambition I have failed at the hiking so far.

Busy Bees

I do however walk the dogs occasionally and one of the places I walk is a rail line now converted to a hiking trail.  These are fantastic places for summer wildflowers right now.  Old tracks that have been converted to walking trails are open and weedy.  Great place for flowers or as some would say “weeds that bloom”.  Whatever! They are cool and fun to photograph.

Another good activity in the same place and at the same time is to photograph the bees.  They are everywhere in differing sizes and types.  If you hit the right spot dragon flies are also in abundance.  Don’t worry about getting stung.  They are too busy to worry about you.  It is amazing how close you can get.  Find a flower the bees are going to and just hang out.  They will keep coming back again and again.

Lines of colour

So just because you are too lazy to hike the Bruce does not mean you cannot find a great outdoor substitute for some exercise and great picture taking opportunities.

Have fun, enjoy


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