Useful Information (for me)

Good Morning All

This is an instalment of “talk to yourself” and do not forget what you are told.

I seem to be getting a handle on some of this web page stuff, so I thought I should write the key points down for my future use.;

  • Keep the pictures a reasonable size or you will pay.  I myself (are you listening myself) will use the following.  Right or wrong as it may be.  A standard size to create the JPEG.  At time of printing 800 pixels wide by 600 tall (maximum numbers, 4×3 crop) by 72ppi (pixels per inch).
  • Use an online JPG compression site.  I cannot tell the difference and the file size does get a lot smaller.  You can install a widget do this if you like.
  • You can delete all the pictures from a NextGEN galley and add new one’s back in.  No need to delete the gallery unless someone wants to do it the hard way.  You know who you are.
  • Do not and I repeat DO NOT add a bunch of text to a NextGEN gallery and then exit, because you need one more picture, without clicking on one and the three “Save” buttons.  Your text will not be waiting for you when you come back.
  • You can have two different blogs, although they are really the same one, by using the “category field”.  This does not seem to be in the help files and why would it be, it is useful information.  Just sayin.

Even with the vast amount of additional knowledge gained this week, the web site is still mostly a mystery.  I put stuff in and something comes out.  Not necessary what I thought it would look like but good enough to go with, because I know in my heart that messing with it right now would only make it worse.  All my friends who do not have a fancy web site, think I’m a genius and there is no reason to inform them otherwise. 

Time to close.  I must vacuum now and that raises another mystery; where does all the dirt and dust come from and why does it pick my place to call home? 


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