Hunting Wildflowers on a Spring Woods walk

Blue Cohosh

I do not need a reason to tramp around the bush with my camera and associates but if I did early spring wildflowers photography would be a great one.   I must confess, I do not know much about wildflowers. For me they are an interesting and colourful photo opportunity They look great in a photo and add uniqueness to your catalogue as many people never see them any other way.

Trout Lily

Wildflowers dot the forest landscape, unfortunately some of the earliest and smallest wildflowers have already come and gone but, not to worry, there are many others in bloom or on their way. Not always easy to spot and unlike landscape photography you need to keep your eyes on the ground.  Look on south facing slopes and in sheltered nooks, especially for the earliest plants.  Don’t ignore the bogs and streams as they have their share of flowers to.

As the season changes to summer, plants and wildflowers get bigger but now in early spring they tend to be small, some as small as a fingernail.  Capturing these tiny wildflowers is best done with a macro lens and a small tripod, bean bag or light permitting a handheld shot works fine.  Getting close to the ground is necessary to fill your frame. Lower angles can also add interest and keeps you away from the standard (and typically boring) “view from above”.

New Leaf

Besides the wildflowers popping up in the ground cover, the leaves on the trees are starting to unfold but not to the point that it obstructs your views yet.  The varied and pastel colours of new leaves add interest to what may otherwise be an uninteresting view.  Photographing new and unfolding leaves against a blue or grey sky is another opportunity you can explore and create very interesting close-up images.

What to do with all these flower pictures?  I’m thinking of creating a wildflower catalogue, it would be interesting to see how many I could collect and identify over a year or two.  Not being a guy who wants a lot, if any, flower pictures hanging on his walls, I need alternatives.  A self-published book on the wildflowers in my own area sounds like a great idea to me.  Can be as simple as a name and photo or more elaborate with information on dates, locations, size etc.

Let me know if the names are not correct on the photos.  I looked at a couple of sites that specialize in wildflowers and compared my photos with theirs and made a best guess at the names.

Anyways, enjoy your day.


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